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Welcome to BornToAttack's website!


As a clan that’s focussed on winning wars, it is absolutely necessary to work together like a team! We don’t simply pick a number and attack it during wars, as that would cause uncertainties. Instead, we discuss with other members which opponent we are going to attack, how we are going to do that, and at last claim our target so we don’t plan to attack the same opponent. We can’t win wars solely by ourselves, but we can win if we work together!


In order to get better at Clash of Clans, we are continuously striving to improve ourselves. When we happen to fail an attack, accidentally bring the wrong army or even mis-donate some troops, we can always learn from our mistakes! We try to help each other to prevent us from making mistakes and help each other to improve when we do make one. Thats how we get better at Clash of Clans!


Even though we are really dedicated to winning the wars and performing as good as possible, we didn’t lose sight of the most important aspect of Clash of Clans: Fun! If you don’t enjoy playing Clash of Clans, you probably won’t be motivated to work as a team or get better at it. Our members are highly motivated because they simply enjoy playing Clash of Clans and winning wars.